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We are driven by the power of storytelling. We believe that video is one of the most impactful mediums for conveying our clients’ messages and capturing their unique brand stories.

  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Set design
  • Lighting
  • Filming
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Color grading
  • Voice over


Recent Work

The Process.

  • Pre-Production

    Developing creative concepts and shoot planning create exceptional results, that’s why people call us. We manage all the details to set each shoot up for success.

    Concepts, Site Planning, Location scouting, Casting, Hair and makeup, Crew, Equipment

  • Production

    Working with Hero is a fun experience, and we bring the energy in addition to comfortability to each shoot we work on so everyone performs at their peak.

    Crew handling, Studio lighting, Shoot management, Tethering for immediate client review

  • Post-Production

    We are experts in photo manipulation with an emphasis on overall brand esthetics. We look at each image as an expression of who you are and what you want to portray and less about what style we think looks good to us.

    Client interface tools, Image editing, Color grading

2023 Reel.

From day one it has been a pleasure working with Hero Creative. They bring a fun and fresh perspective while ensuring your core brand and company values don’t get lost along the way.


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