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Four people on a road hiking in alaska

Careers at Hero

Your click tells us a story—a story of your curiosity, of your drive, and yes, of your willingness to join the ranks at Hero. Though the sign on our door may read “No Vacancies,” that’s far from the whole tale. The professional landscape is always shifting, and we find that the most captivating stories often come from unexpected places.

So, you’re based in Seattle or some other corner of the globe? Fantastic. Our quest for creativity knows no boundaries. You see, there’s an implicit pact among innovators, a silent agreement that we’re all stronger when connected.

Don’t let the absence of open roles today quash your narrative. Get in touch, tell us why you’re extraordinary, and let’s craft a new chapter together. Opportunities at Hero are like a block of marble—waiting for the right artist to reveal the sculpture within.

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