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Case Study

Motif Seattle

We had the privilege to work with the artwork of the esteemed Julie Conway from her piece: ‘Light Ray.’ Her design was derived from an organic pattern of light and shadow resulting from the distortion of light through glass and a geothermal filter that resonates with Seattle’s historic waterways and marine commerce.

Design Featured on Coasters

This was a fun challenge for us as we found ways to incorporate the design into all of Motif’s, A Destination Hotel, pieces of collateral. Finding a balance and utilizing all of the colors of the design with Motif’s timeless black and white composition wasn’t easy. However, it made for a unique result where we pulled triangles and the more soothing, complementary tones from this beautiful reaction of light and glass into something edgy, appealing and informative.

Concert Poster Design

We started working with Hero Creative in early 2017 and have been so pleased with the collaboration and efforts made by their team. They truly took the time to understand our brand, our voice, and our audience. We know each project they touch will be a home run and their team truly feels like an extension of our own.

Collage of various poster designs created for the project