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Case Study

Lyra Total Breast Health

Lyra Total Breast Health is a trailblazing provider committed to redefining breast healthcare by delivering comprehensive, top-quality care to women. Acknowledging the obstacles faced by Idaho’s expanding and maturing population, including limited timely access to care, Lyra has pioneered a groundbreaking approach that prioritizes exceptional care within a serene and reassuring setting.

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Embodied Tranquility

In collaboration with Lyra Total Breast Health, we aimed to create a brand that truly represents their values and sets them apart in the healthcare industry. Together, we developed a unique and modern brand identity that strikes a balance between the professionalism of a high-end, technologically advanced medical center and the comfort and tranquility of a spa-like atmosphere. The clean, elegant logo we designed features a stylized symbol that embodies wellness, femininity, and breast health, while the carefully selected color scheme evokes a sense of calm and trust. This distinctive branding reflects Lyra’s pioneering approach to patient-centric care and their commitment to redefining breast healthcare.

Website Design

In designing the Lyra Total Breast Health website, our goal was to create an online experience that embodies the brand’s unique approach to breast healthcare. We focused on developing a user-friendly site with intuitive navigation, a calming color scheme, and well-structured content that allows visitors to easily learn about Lyra’s services without feeling overwhelmed. The clean, modern aesthetic, featuring the stylized logo and thoughtful use of imagery, reinforces the brand identity and differentiates Lyra from competitors. By leveraging design elements and organized content, we’ve created a website that effectively communicates Lyra’s commitment to redefining breast healthcare through a patient-centric, spa-like experience.