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JPI is a best-in-class multi-family investment, construction, and development firm with over 30 years of deeply rooted national expertise. JPI is one of those companies that you come across once or twice in a career that truly believe in taking care of their people and embodying core value sets to a high degree. Our initial project engagement was through Middle of Six, a creative firm specializing in the construction industry, who spear headed a multi-dimensional approach to realign the brand to the future vision of JPI.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Photography
  • Videography

Hero’s mission was to leave JPI’s brand intact while elevating their identity into the future through the development of a next level graphics package, new photography, company video commercials and a completely redesigned website.

In partnership with Middle of Six, we colored outside of the box on these projects, rethinking how JPI’s target demographics intersected with their brand through analytical data analysis, user flow and cause and effect. The result of the project yielded timeless brand expression, usable assets that are thoughtful and a new vision on their identity.

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Center for Environmental
Forensic Science

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