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Director of Productions

Mitch Olsen

Mitch was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and grew up with a knack for the visual arts. Over the years he dabbled in everything from painting to woodworking and even ice sculpture, but his passion for capturing moments and storytelling through film and photography became his raison d’être. His untethered approach to the craft, infused with a touch of humor and personal authenticity, garnered a reputation for consistently delivering visually stunning and mutually entertaining results. With an eye for detail and a gift for storytelling, Mitch has become a true wizard of the pixel, hanging his hat at the confluence of imagination and execution.

Today, Mitch proudly heads the visual department at Hero Creative, bringing his exceptional talent and expertise to every project he takes on.

Mitch flying a drone
Mitch flipping his hair
Mitch with a camera
Mitch on a beach with his pup

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