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Michael Carr

Michael Carr

Full Stack Developer

Fun Facts:

  • Thinks he’s good at video games but my friends know the truth
  • Crowd surfed in a church service
  • Sound checked the drums for funk group Mandrill
  • At 19 worked at Trader joes but told his friends the he worked at a “fancy high-end market” they wouldn’t understand


Meet Michael, a jack-of-all-trades in the worlds of design and tech. With a background in music management and a decade of experience creating technical solutions for the industry, Michael has established himself as a talented full stack software engineer.

Before joining the team at Hero Creative, Michael co-founded a software company where he made his mark with Sound Splits. This innovative SaaS app brought a new level of transparency to the music industry by streamlining royalty reporting and accounting.

Michael's passion for both music and technology has driven him to continuously learn and improve his skills. He's always looking for ways to make software development more efficient and effective, and his unique blend of musical and technical knowledge makes him the perfect addition to any team looking to shake things up and bring their projects to the next level.

Michael Carr and his wife
Room with lots of speakers on the wall
Michael Carr drumming
Michael Carr standing on a motorscycle at an overlook