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Mark Davis


Mark Davis

Fun Facts:

  • Legs featured in 'Just Go With It'
  • Former professional paraglider pilot
  • Blue-green colorblind
  • Says template weird
  • Former professional paintballer


Mark grew up in Issaquah and spent his childhood watching paragliders fly down Poo Poo Point. Over time it became obvious that flying was his destiny. Mark started out as a professional paraglider pilot teaching hundreds of people how to fly and became a business owner by the age of 18. Things changed after he discovered that he was green-blue colorblind. He went on to gain 16 years of experience in sales, marketing and business creation. He managed to hold a passion for branding and photography through all of these experiences and it was in 2012 when something clicked. He was photographing his 3-year-old son running through a field wearing his blanket tied around his neck, when he realized the potential of unconstrained creativity and how it correlates with our everyday career paths. He then decided to open the doors to Hero Creative and hasn’t changed paths since.

Mark spends his free time outdoors in North Bend biking, capturing photography, and spending time with his wife and two kids. Mark is passionate about art, design, photography, cinematography and can tell a damn good story.

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