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Dominic Hampton

Dominic Hampton

Senior Designer

Fun Facts:

  • Has seen ODESZA live 10+ times
  • Hates surprises
  • Loves the Mariners and Vikings


Dom's journey in design began during his high school years when he developed a passion for creating personalized visuals for his MySpace page. This interest soon evolved into a strong drive for creative expression and attention to detail in all aspects of his life. His passion for design led him to attend Eastern Washington's highly competitive design program where he earned his BA in Visual Communication Design. Dom currently works as Senior Designer and takes pride in his meticulous approach to his work. In his free time, he continues to expand his knowledge and stay ahead of the curve by seeking out unconventional sources of inspiration and exploring untapped creative avenues.

Dominic Hampton at a music festival with his friends.
Dominic Hampton with his wife
Dominic Hampton smoking a cigar at his wedding
Dominic Hampton at a music festival with his friends.