Mood Board & Visual Content – Discovery Exposition

In order to ease our transition from the Discovery Phase into the Content Generation Phase of our branding process, we conduct an explorative exercise rooted in visual and conceptual brainstorming.      

We aim to identify a few key components and themes of the brand or company to stimulate the vision and business direction of a brand and first rounds of logo design. For some brands, we can isolate nature and organic elements, while other brands call for dynamic & aesthetic metropolitan / urban themes as influence for design work.      

The amalgamation of sample designs in this piece are pulled from a series of our mood boards, in which we wanted to establish our guiding concepts for our client’s brand. We constructed parameters outlining the direction of this company’s brand that is focused on maintaining an outdoorsman, utility, and “working man’s” aesthetic.

We didn’t want to focus on an exclusively earthy / organic / natural feel with the foundation of the new brand identity that was identified during our discovery phase. Instead, to combat any potential pigeonholing, we focused on the importance of the previously existing target audience of the brand (prior to our work with them).

The centrality of the wilderness and passion for adventuring within the Northwest were an important starting point for our work of overhauling their brand. We drew inspiration from other brands that are noticeably tethered to the outdoors. We believed this was a stable identifier for a company that caters to tough, rough, and tumble explorers.

A strong target audience was realized around those who find the countryside to be not only their place for leisure, but also their primary environment for business.

We have unshakeable faith in our process that we use in order to develop a great logo and brand identity. We have an ever-present and strong desire to create fully functional brands. We know that cutting corners in any aspect of the creative process not only cheats the client, but also cheats ourselves of the opportunity to maximize our creative competency.  

From all of us at Hero, we thank you for taking the time to explore our work and encourage you to discover our brand case studies!