Hero Creative Brand Relaunch

Hero Brand Refresh Cover Image

Here at Hero, along with our busy summer client workload, we have been working hard to complete the relaunch of our entire brand and website. In an ever-changing industry, we have prioritized our three core capacities: Creative, Visual, and Digital, above all else in our approach to overhauling the site.

In order to meet various internet content compliance standards, we took a wide lens approach to our site content and layout. As a creative agency we took exhaustive measures to reevaluate the content & analytical effectiveness of our site, top to bottom. Our main objective was to identify the best strategies to ensure measurable growth in our search ranking, and in turn apply them to our site as we approached our final relaunch.

At Hero Creative we continuously push the limits in our ability to create modernized and technologically cutting-edge websites and brands for our clients. This desire prompted us to radically re-evaluate the effectiveness of our own brand and site content, inspiring us to redesign our logo and website.

Hero Rebrand Process

Our new logo and color scheme are the first step toward a new embrace of our long yearning for fresh and captivating colors to associate with the Hero brand. As our brand has grown and evolved, we have discovered a newfound love for aspects of what got us here, but have also identified the importance of buying into where we want to go as a creative agency.

Hero New Logos

Our new blue, pink, and purple color palette takes a fun retro approach, while also representing our quest forward with bold and brazenly colorful imagery to catch our clients’ eye. Additionally, our new logo is leaning forward into the winds of the future, stripped of any uncertainty and only concerned with making a positive impact in the most resounding way possible.      

Our new website falls directly inline with our three core capacities, with an emphasis on the visual coherence of our site layout. The new site has been streamlined for the user experience, especially in terms of clearly and eloquently presenting some of our projects we are most proud of.

Our new shift forward as a brand can be attributed to the need to remain fresh and unique in a highly competitive business marketplace. Our old site lacked the most recent adaptations to the creative aspects of our process as previously stated, and an accurate depiction of our project achievements. We work with some of the most unique, progress-driven businesses and our site ought to reflect both their most compelling business profile and our passion to create brands of substance.

Overhauling the aesthetics of the website also prompted us to reorganize and reevaluate our content structure. Rather than merely repackaging our existing site structure, we ambitiously worked to restyle both our brand in the most visually cohesive manner, and our content to demonstrate a tailor-made fit on our new site.

With that in mind, we doubled down on the importance of showcasing ourselves through our branding projects. Our home page features project materials and collateral from recent projects, such as the Motif Hotel and the popular Seattle rooftop bar and restaurant, Frolik. We have condensed our overall content in respect to outlining where on the site our core competencies and our process could be most compellingly explored.

The page layout of each page on our site has been optimized for clarity and overall utility of information. We are very excited to maximize the Blog / News portion of our site for project updates, relevant industry news or breakthroughs, and lastly with exciting examples of materials we generate for clients.   

From all of us at Hero Creative, we would like to thank our amazing client family for choosing to work with us in creating brands of passion, ambition and honor. Check back here for any and all updates we have planned for our site, brand, and company’s future!